Temerlin Has More Ideas for Adams Golf

DALLAS Temerlin McClain continues to use pro golfer Tom Watson in its latest campaign to promote the extended line of Idea irons from Adams Golf.

The two spots introduce the Idea i-Woods, A1 and the Pro, a new set of hybrid clubs designed to replace long irons, the Interpublic Group shop said.

The first spot by the Irving, Texas-based shop opens with four golfers preparing to tee off. One golfer turns to the others and says, “190 yards to the green … over water.” The second golfer smiles and says, “I have an idea. We’re going to see a layup.”

Tom Watson suddenly appears in genie-like fashion and says, “I’ve got another idea. Carry irons that will carry the hazards. Instead of pressure, feel confidence. Eliminate the difficulty of hitting the long irons by eliminating the long irons.” He hands one golfer the new Idea i-Wood and vanishes. The spot ends with the tag, “That’s the Idea.”

In the second spot, Watson appears to a golfer and his caddy as they are having difficulty setting up a shot. He says, “Here’s an idea,” and hands them an Idea iron before he disappears again.

“Foursome” and “Loveable Idea” broke last week and will air on national cable, including the Golf Channel.

Based in Plano, Texas, Adams Golf designs, manufactures and markets clubs under the names of Tight Lies, Redline and Idea Hybrid Irons.