Temerlin Airs $65 Mil. Campaign For ’99 Subarus

Model-Specific Taglines Downplayed As Carmaker Touts All-Wheel Drive
DALLAS–Temerlin McClain has dropped individual themes for the Subaru Outback and Forester in its new TV advertising, gathering the models under its existing tagline, “The beauty of all-wheel drive.”
The specific lines (“Sport-utility tough. Car easy.” for Forester and “The world’s first sport-utility wagon,” for Outback) will appear only in print ads that break in October in nearly 60 magazines.
Subaru director of marketing Tim Mahoney said there was a high level of recall for the “beauty” line, created by the Irving, Texas, shop in 1994.
Five new TV spots in the $65 million campaign begin airing next week. One for the Outback plays up the hybrid vehicle’s look. In the ad, actor Paul Hogan is stuck in his Outback on a clogged highway, surrounded by Jeep Cherokees and Ford Explorers. Hogan veers off to a bar filled with Crocodile Dundee types, all dressed like him. “What a weird-looking bunch that was,” he quips.
Another spot pairs Hogan with actor Judge Reinhold, in which the latter stands in a desert holding a remote control. As an Outback approaches, Reinhold hits the pause button, freezing the vehicle in midair as he explains how all-wheel drive technology “does the thinking for you.”
A Forester ad features “Sarah,” Hogan’s sidekick, outrunning a Honda CR-V. She then rips off a mask, revealing herself as Hogan in disguise.
The ads will air in spot markets and on cable, per Subaru’s plan to target an audience of “doers,” “thought leaders” and “self-navigators.” Print ads for Forester, aimed at women and families, will run in Martha Stewart Living, Women’s Sports & Fitness and other books.
Subaru sales increased by 17 percent through July versus the same period last year, Mahoney said.