Teenage Adland

Looking to reach the millions of girls who helped make The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears stars? One publishing company wants media buyers to know that such teeny-
bopper rags as Teen Beat, Tiger Beat and Teen Machine are still around and open for business.
In December 1998, Primedia bought those and four similar titles from Sterling/Macfadden Partnership, and Bop and BB from Laufer Publishing. Now Primedia is pitching the magazines as a way for advertisers to reach an untapped market.
Before being bought, the publications had either not accepted ads or undervalued their ad space, said Mark Peterson, president of Primedia Youth Entertainment Group.
Their core audience is 9- to 13-year-olds. “This phenomenon that started with Leo DiCaprio and Hanson brought us to the mainstream,” Peterson said. “Before that, they weren’t marketed as such.”
Advertisers such as Nintendo have already jumped on board; Peterson said he wants more business from cosmetics companies, among others. “The magazines have a Good Housekeeping feel,” he said. “This is a safe place for kids to be.” –Emily From