Technicolor Talks to Shops About Global Branding

A Hollywood fixture for more than 80 years, Technicolor is on the prowl for an ad agency to help it launch a global branding campaign.

Officials at Technicolor Motion Picture Corp., based in Camarillo, Calif., have been talking to large West Coast shops for weeks. However, they have yet to clearly define, much less assign the project.

Sources said the estimated $5-10 million budget seems unusu ally low for a project of this scope, but that figure is likely to grow as the assignment becomes clearer. Technicolor’s vp of marketing, Carrie Bissell, declined to discuss the budget, but indicated it is a large assignment.

“Technicolor is a global company, so for our marketing needs we use companies on a global basis,” Bissell said.

As for the actual assignment, Bissell said it is “premature to share too much information at this point. We’re really in the preliminary planning stages.”

It was unclear at press time which of Technicolor’s main divisions would be included in the business-to-business and possibly in-theater global assignment. Technicolor’s four major divisions include entertainment, film, packaged media services and its European division.

The company currently works with a number of agencies on a project basis, Bissell said. She declined to name them.

Traditionally, Technicolor’s media mix relies on a steady stream of collateral and trade show materials and trade print ads. The upcoming effort is not expected to be much different.

Technicolor is a wholly owned, privately held subsidiary of Carlton Communications, a publicly held U.K.-based commercial TV and media company. Founded in 1915, Technicolor has been an innovator of the dye transfer process, developed to create accurate color scenes on film—which made it technically and economically possible for Hollywood to bring color to the big screen.

Its competitors include Deluxe and Cinram International.