‘Team Oronite’ Takes the Field

Bates Southwest is introducing a new global branding campaign for Chevron Oronite Co. this month.

The primarily trade print campaign uses sports imagery and the tagline “Team Oronite. Empowered to excel.” Ads will appear in 40 countries in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Media spending was undisclosed.

Houston-based Oronite manufactures additives which are most commonly used in motor oil.

“Oronite did not choose to compete on technology [with this campaign],” said Bates account director Mike Henska. “Their technology is up there with the best, but they are also known for sales and technical support.”

“To stand out in what is a relatively undifferentiated market for an almost invisible product . . . [our] creative insight was something they were doing a lot already—being partners and teammates with themselves and their customers,” he said.

The “Team Oronite” message is also being used internally, Henska said. “There are two targets for this campaign: customers and the Oronite people themselves,” he said.

Bates Southwest is headquartered in Houston.