teach your children

“Instruction” is the theme of disparate campaigns from Allen & Gerritsen for Horizon’s Edge Casino Cruise and Classwell Learning Group. In each case, specific types of applied knowledge are required or inferred.

TV spots for Lynn, Mass.-based Horizon’s Edge are tagged, “Don’t miss this boat.” In one execution, the cruise ship is seen giving an S.O.S. signal to a lighthouse and the response is printed across the screen: “Roger that. What’s the trouble?” The cruise ship signals back, “I have thirteen down, the dealer has six, should I hit or hold?”

A&G is seeking “to position the cruise as being a fun experience,” said Mick O’Brien, creative director of the Watertown, Mass., agency. The shop introduced print ads and taxi tops for Horizon’s Edge earlier this year.

A&G has fashioned a print effort for Classwell Learning Group, an online resource for teachers of children from pre-Kindergarten to -12th grade. Ads use classroom imagery and the tag “Teachwell. Learn well. Classwell.” Instruction on when to “hit” or “hold” is not included.