Taylor/West Energizes 24-Hour News 9

DALLAS Taylor/West has created a series of commercials resembling trailers for television police dramas to promote a 24-hour San Antonio news channel that begins broadcasting on Time Warner Cable tomorrow.

The three spots use quick cuts, speed changes and bold colors to show glimpses of the kinds of local weather, traffic and sports information that can be found on Time Warner’s News 9. As the different local images appear, text appears to show the date and time the scene was filmed. The spots conclude with the News 9 logo and the tagline, “Your news now.”

“We wanted to show how dynamic, kinetic and high energy local weather, traffic and sports can be,” said Jerry Hough, creative director at the San Antonio agency. “The spots needed to be sufficiently intrusive, yet intriguing.”

The campaign began airing late last month on San Antonio’s Fox and CNN outlets as well as CBS affiliate KENS-TV, which, like News 9, is owned by Belo.

An earlier campaign for the channel introduced the market to the concept of a 24-hour local news venue. The first spot informed the audience new programming would be cablecast on the former channel of Nickelodeon. The spot opens with the phrase “Get your news fix” floating across the screen. Suddenly the “i” and “x” detach from the word “fix” and form the Roman numeral IX for nine. Then “no waiting” and “breaking” appear with a red unit “9” in place of the “g” in each word.