Tap Project “Water Balloons”

After such devastation in Haiti, it’s great to see children laughing on the streets of the earthquake-torn nation, having fun with what is a familiar pastime for American children: water-balloon fights. Too bad it’s a long way off from reality. Clean drinking water is a scarcity in many impoverished nations, and Unicef and the Tap Project have been raising funds to help remedy that problem for the last several years. This PSA imagines a reality where water is in such abundance that Haiti’s children can giddily douse each other, when in fact what was most needed following the devastation in January was clean drinking water. “Donate to Unicef today,” explains the voiceover, “and one day all children can enjoy clean, safe water like we do.” It’s a gentle reminder to lend a helping hand without making the message too heavy. –-Eleftheria Parpis