Talking Turkey

There are a lot of turkeys on the road, and no one knows that better than Erik Estrada.
Now the former CHiPs star proves it in a new campaign from BBDO Minneapolis for Hormel Foods’ Jennie-O brand.
Breaking nationally in March, the campaign features Estrada and a new partner as turkey police, advising citizens of their turkey rights. In one spot, the cops pull over a driver and search her grocery bags. Finding inferior turkey, they serve the woman Jennie-O turkey, saying it’s “a little different, a little better.”
The driver agrees, but then realizes the two officers are not really police. She calls them on it, and Estrada and his partner chuckle as she pulls away.
“We wanted to have fun with the ‘a little different’ piece and get people to take notice in a category that seems pretty straight,” said copywriter Karen Lokensgard.
Agency creative director Denny Haley agreed, saying the spots are “like they’re from another planet.”
–Aaron Baar