Go Big 1, a new advertising truck from GoVision with a 16 by9 foot LED screen that can be played while in motion, has hit the road in Texas.

When Go Big 1 is parked, the screen can be removed or raised 15 feet and rotated 360 degrees.

Chris Curtis, founder and president of Go-Vision in Keller, Texas, said the medium is particularly ideal for businesses like beverage and car companies that advertise at large sporting and concert events.

GoVision, which charges $3,000 to $6,000 per day to rent its truck, has competitors, but Curtis said only his vehicle has a detachable screen and the ability to play on the move.

Jeff Crane, assistant director of sports marketing at Texas Christian University, recently used GoVision to promote the Fort Worth, Texas, school’s mid-week football game. “We were looking for a unique way to publicize the event,” Crane said, “They drove around town with our highlights playing on their truck and it was really successful.”