Take Back The Tube

A print ad from Goldberg Moser O’Neill for Quantum Corp.’s new QuickView digital video recording technology issues a strong warning to consumers:
“If you don’t control TV, it will control you.”
The message appears on the back of a TV remote control device featured in the ad.
TV, the text continues, “delights in deciding when you should laugh and when you should cry. … All while doling out bathroom and snack breaks every 12.5 minutes.”
Quantum claims to help TV-controlled consumers take control of their lives–and their bladders–by using QuickView technology, which enables digital video recorders to perform functions such as live broadcast pause, personal instant replay and simultaneous play and record functions.
The ad from GMO, San Francisco, is appearing in several consumer electronics trade and home theatre publications. Quantum is supporting the effort with $500,000 in media spending through the fourth quarter.
–Jane Irene Kelly