Take Advantage of Minnesota, Urges C+M

CHICAGO Colle + McVoy dumps talk show host Craig Kilborn in favor of a more placid approach in its latest round of television spots for the Minnesota Office of Tourism.

The new television spots, breaking March 25, introduce the theme, “How many vacation days do you have left,” which was introduced by the Minneapolis agency last year.

The commercials, backed by an acoustic guitar soundtrack, encourage people to take advantage of Minnesota’s offerings during their time off. One spot shows a girl playing by a lake. “Houses have rooms to hide in,” states onscreen text. “Lakes don’t.” Other spots show campers enjoying a starry night, and a woman who has enjoyed a day of shopping. The campaign continues with the tagline, “Explore Minnesota.”

Correlating print continues the theme. One execution shows two boys on a dock at night with the headline, “Introduce them to the other kind of time-out.” The Minnesota Office of Tourism’s budget is roughly $3 million annually.

Colle + McVoy’s previous television work on the account featured Craig Kilborn, host of CBS’s Late Late Show, in a wood-paneled room touting his home state. In one ad he used figurines of himself and Paul Bunyan playing in a faux lake to show the fun that could be had in Minnesota. Another spot featured Kilborn riffing on the amount of vacation days Americans get compared with other countries.