Taco Bell, Doritos Dominated Super Bowl Social Media

Paul Rudd and Samsung buzzier than Beyoncé and Pepsi

From Beyoncé to the blackout to the 49ers last-minute comeback, Super Bowl XLVII gave social media users plenty to talk about. But it was reactions to the night’s ads that drove some of the biggest spikes in social media use, according to data from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WordPress and YouTube collected by Attensity Media throughout the game.

Last night’s biggest spike in social media volume came at 7:47 p.m. EST, when there were 33,436 posts per minute. That spike coincided with a Taco Bell spot, which also saw the single biggest spike in mentions of a brand with 32,262 related posts per minute. The second biggest wave of social media posting came at 7:15 p.m. following a Calvin Klein ad, which garnered 32,262 related posts per minute. Mentions of Samsung and Budweiser’s #clydesdales hashtag also led to notable spikes in social media volume around 10:30 p.m. and 9:40 p.m., respectively.

Doritos was the most mentioned brand in the social media sphere, followed by Audi and Calvin Klein. Among parent companies, Pepsi was the most mentioned, followed by Taco Bell and Hyundai.

When it came to celebrities associated with brands, the stars of Samsung’s spot won the night. Paul Rudd received 24 percent of all tweets including a brand and celebrity mention during the game while Seth Rogen received 21 percent. Even LeBron James, who had a cameo in the spot, was the seventh most mentioned celebrity, with 5 percent.

Other celebrities who dominated social media during the game were halftime show star and Pepsi spokeswoman Beyoncé (the second most mentioned celeb, with 22 percent of all celebrity and brand tweets), Mercedes-Benz's Kate Upton (9 percent), Willem Dafoe and Usher (8 percent each), and Best Buy's Amy Poehler (3 percent).

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