‘Swordfish’ Goes Well With Heineken Spots

In an unusual move, John Travolta, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman have granted likeness approval rights to be used for a Heineken television spot as part of a promotional campaign for Warner Bros.’ “Swordfish,” in which they all star.

Heineken is spending an estimated $10 million on a worldwide media and marketing blitz.

Rarely do A-list stars like Travolta give their permission to appear in TV spots that are for a product, especially an alcoholic beverage. Most actors shy away from such associations because of the appearance of an implied endorsement. Travolta’s likeness will also appear in Heineken’s point-of-purchase materials.

The deal could be a coup for the brewer and the filmmakers because Heineken will get a rare association with a $20 million-per-movie star, while “Swordfish” will get the kind of high-profile tie-in not often afforded for what is expected to be an R-rated film. Heineken has minor product placement in the film.