Swardlick Pushes a Healthy Diet

boston—Eating your veggies could become the latest health fad. At least that’s the goal of Swardlick Marketing Group, which launched its first effort for the Produce for Better Health Foundation touting the benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

“We are trying to put nutrition as high on the national agenda as tobacco was about 20 years ago,” said Elizabeth Pivonka, president of the foundation in Wilmington, Del. “Especially since obesity levels are on the rise.”

Campaign spending is $4-5 million, according to Pivonka.

One poster shows a high-school girl on an athletic field. In place of a ball in her lacrosse stick is a slice of bright-red watermelon. “Eat your colors every day” is the headline.

The client introduced the “5 a Day the Color Way” effort last week to supermarket chains at its annual meeting in New Orleans. The program includes posters, a Web site, point-of-purchase displays and collateral materials. Work will appear in stores’ produce sections na-tionwide starting in January. Concepts for TV spots and print ads have been developed, Pivonka said.

“There’s been a lot of scientific research about [the benefits] of eating colorful vegetables,” said David Sward-lick, president of the Portland, Maine, shop. “By organizing fruits and vegetables into a five-color system, you get across the idea of eating multiple servings of a variety of these foods in a highly visual and memorable way.”