‘Swamp Things’ Gets Top Billing at Mystic Aquarium

A broadcast push for the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration promotes its new exhibit, “Swamp Things.”

A 15-second TV spot, created by Cronin & Co., aims to draw visitors to the exhibit, which features alligators, lizards, turtles and other reptiles. Titled “Shadow,” the spot opens with what looks like a silhouette of a giant alligator creeping across the screen while horror-flick music plays in the background. A voiceover says, “Here they come: swamp things … baby alligators.” As the music becomes more upbeat, a baby gator, which, in fact, has been casting the huge silhouette, appears onscreen.

The commercial will run back-to-back with other 15-second spots the agency has created for the aquarium, including a pair promoting its long-running sea lion and beluga whale exhibits.

“The aquarium is a place where there’s always something new going on,” said Steve Wolfberg, chief creative at the shop. “We’re trying to keep up with all the changing exhibits there.”

A new 60-second radio commercial also plays up the “Swamp” theme. A man talks about the alligators he believes are responsible for his dog’s disappearance. “You’d better be on the lookout for gators too,” warns a voiceover. ” ‘Cause when you’re surrounded by trees, vines and Spanish moss, it’s like being lost in the bayou. But, actually, you’re in ‘Swamp Things,’ the amazing new exhibit at Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration.”

The tagless campaign is running in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York’s Westchester County.

Creative credits include copywriter Bob Dennis and art director Wayne Raicek. Leif Husted-Jensen of Element Productions in Boston directed.

Cronin in Glastonbury, Conn., has been the Mystic, Conn., aquarium’s ad agency since 1997.