Survey: Married Web Surfers Buy More Online

BOSTON Married Web surfers are more likely to make online purchases than single surfers, according to data from the Nielsen//NetRatings @Plan fall 2003 survey.

In the survey of 40,000 adults over a three-month period, 52 percent of married surfers made an online purchase, while 47 percent of singles bought goods or services online, according to the survey.

For married surfers, top online purchases usually related to their homes and families, such as prescription drugs, home improvement items, garden supplies and educational software, according to the survey. Single surfers tended to purchase mainly entertainment items (CDs, computer games) or financial services (student loans, credit cards).

The top five ad-supported sites for singles, all dating related, were,,, and, the survey said. For married surfers, the five most popular sites were FamilyFun, BabyCenter, AmericanBaby, NickJr. and iVillage/

Also from the survey: single surfers visited about 115 Web pages per month, 215 percent more than their married counterparts.