Given the under-whelming history of Super Bowl matchups, the only sure competition fans can count on involvessponsors launching costly commercials between the fumbled punts and missed field goal attempts.

And the winner is?

Clarke Advertising & Public Relations in Sarasota, Fla., and its crosstown Internet development neighbor, Logic Pros, said they have found the answer to that vexing question: The Web site is designed to poll viewers on their favorite as well as most-despised Super Bowl XXXV spots.

Fans get to vote for commercials in five categories: best of bowl, worst of bowl, funniest of bowl, best music and best special effects.

There’s even a sample ballot, printable off computer screens, to help voters track the competition.

There’s no free beer for participants, but on Monday, Jan. 29, a DVD player will be awarded as a kind of digital door prize.

For the losers, on both sides of the television screen, there’s always next year.