Super Bowl Ad Tracker: All About 2017’s Commercials

A frequently updated roster of the Big Game's brands

Welcome sports fans and ad fans, to Adweek’s Super Bowl LI Ad Tracker. Here you’ll find details of the commercials that will broadcast during the Big Game, both regionally and nationally, and the agencies that created them.

With 30-second ads reportedly costing at least $5 million, this is essentially in line with what CBS sold ads for during last year’s Super Bowl 50.

Below you’ll find categories of ad content, any teasers or images of the incoming ads, as well as a list of brands that participated last year, but didn’t return. We’ll update as we get more information, so be sure to check back regularly.

Recent updates:

  • Paramount released two ads for upcoming movies.
  • Watch a new spot from Coke Zero.
  • Michelin will air a 30-second spot in the first quarter.
  • The video game World of Tanks will air two back-to-back :15s spoofing reality shows.
  • National Geographic makes Super Bowl debut directly after halftime to promote scripted series.
  • NFL released its “Baby Legends” spot.
  • Hulu released an ad for “The Handmaid’s Tale” in Super Bowl debut.
  • Michelob Ultra released its fitness-related spot.
  • T-Mobile‘s ad stars Justin Bieber and Rob Gronkowski.
  • Bud Light‘s ad features ol’ Spuds MacKenzie.



Audi: The luxury automaker, Audi, has confirmed participation in Super Bowl LI. This will be the ninth time Audi has appeared in the Big Game, and the spot will be done by its creative shop Venables Bell & Partners. Watch the full 60-second ad, featuring a feminist dad, below.

Buick: Buick is set to return to the Super Bowl with a 30-second spot airing in the first half of the game. The agency Engage M1 will create the spot, which marks the second consecutive year of Buick’s participation. Watch the full ad below, starring Miranda Kerr and Cam Newton.

Ford: In addition to its new in-person interactive experience now open in New York, the FordHub, Ford will air an ad after the coin toss and before kickoff. It will show how Ford’s self-driving vehicles and ride and bike sharing programs help people get around.

Honda: With a focus on the CR-V, Honda is back in the Super Bowl for the third time. With a spot produced by its agency-of-record, RPA, we’re expected to see an ad that builds on “last year’s widely viewed Ridgeline pickup introduction,” according to a company spokesperson. Watch the full ad below.

Hyundai: This ad will appear technically after the game is over, right before the trophy ceremony. The catch is that this spot will be filmed while the game is airing, documentary-style, directed by Peter Berg with assistance from Film 45 and Pony Show Entertainment, while Hyundai’s agency of record Innocean Worldwide will handle creative.

Kia: Kia is gearing up to promote its 2017 Niro car with a spot in Super Bowl LI. The car company’s agency-of-record, David&Goliath, will promote the new vehicle. This year’s 60-second spot will star Melissa McCarthy in the third quarter, though two :15s featuring her narration premiere this week. Here’s the full ad.

Lexus: Joining the Super Bowl for the third time, Lexus will run an ad in 2017 featuring its new LS and LC vehicles. Along with a few “surprises,” the ad features Minnie Driver as the “new voice of Lexus.” The spot will be produced by the Team One agency. Watch the spot below.

Mercedes-Benz: This marks the fourth (non-consecutive) year for Mercedes advertising in the Super Bowl. Watch the extended 60-second spot below, directed by the Coen brothers and starring Peter Fonda in a tribute to “Easy Rider.”