Sun Microsystems To Launch ‘Sharing’

Sun Microsystems this week unveils a $50 million print, outdoor and online campaign called “Sharing” that emphasizes how its technology connects people and businesses—whether through online video games or business networks. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based technology giant said it will devote half of the total ad budget to the Web, and none to TV.

Independent Butler Shine Stern & Partners in Sausalito, Calif., created the campaign, its first for the company since it was hired in February. Publicis Groupe’s Starcom Worldwide is handling media.

The 18-month effort highlights how Sun’s technology plays an integral role in an increasingly interconnected world and is part of an effort to show its customers and the public at large what the company stands for, in contrast to its much-publicized spats with Microsoft, said Rhodes Klement, Sun’s director of global brand advertising.

“If you look at Sun’s whole history, it’s about sharing,” said Klement.

One piece of creative prepared for the Web shows how Sun’s technology touches each point of an eBay transaction, from powering the seller’s computer network, to the PayPal payment system, to eBay’s auction infrastructure.

The “Sharing” campaign will run on most major business- and finance-related sites, including the home pages of both CNET and Online video ads will appear on and Dow Jones MarketWatch, and Sun will continue to Webcast interactive chats with its executives.

The company is also experimenting with placing ad messages in Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds generated by Feedster. Klement said early results of those text ads showed that they delivered about one-third of the ad-driven visitors to a recent Webcast.