Sullivan-St. Clair Explains What Zea Is Not

ATLANTA Sullivan-St. Clair has launched its first work for new client Zea restaurants, the agency said.

The Mobile, Ala., independent shop was awarded the New Orleans-based account without a review in July. There was no incumbent. Billings were not disclosed.

The client hired the agency to promote its Mobile restaurant, which opened last year and is the company’s fourth. Zea’s first location opened in June 1997 in New Orleans, and the company currently has two restaurants in that city and one in Lafayette, La., in addition to the Mobile eatery.

The new campaign uses “Live to eat. Eat at Zea” as a tagline in radio, print and outdoor messages. All the ads compare Zea to other chains in its category, such as TGI Friday’s and Ruby Tuesday, to illustrate the differences.

“Basically, we’re telling people what Zea is not,” said Rich Sullivan Jr., president of the agency. “It’s not another chain restaurant with super sampler platters and waiters with suspenders wearing loads of flair.”

Advertising uses lines such as “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday” and “Thank God it’s not Friday’s” to emphasis the contrast.

Radio spots began earlier this month and include two 60-second spots playing on stations in the Mobile and Pensacola, Fla., markets. Print work is running in a local alternative weekly and a monthly city magazine. Outdoor ads, mostly billboards, will be placed next week, according to the agency.