Subaru “Heaven”

If you find people more interesting than cars, you’ll probably find the new Subaru campaign (via Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis) more interesting than the typical automotive sales pitch. The commercials focus largely on the owners, depicting them as a breed apart from the run-of-the-mill consumer. The catch is that you may wonder whether you like these people and would care to enlist in their ranks. The spot shown where features a young guy who has just bought a new Subaru Forester and is driving his old one (followed by a friend driving the new one) on a two-day journey so he can deposit it in “Subaru heaven” — a hilltop where old Subarus are left so they can be cannibalized for spare parts by people whose vintage models are still on the road. “You don’t just let some wrecker haul your 300,000-mile Forester off to who-knows-where,” says our protagonist. “You give that car a chance to live on, one part at a time.” At any rate, he does, whether “you” do or not. Am I the only one who’ll feel there’s a touch of self-righteousness to this whole shtick? Sure, other people may feel attached to their long-owned cars, but few would take the trouble of driving two days (plus another two days back home, presumably) to find this sort of immortality for them. This person did, though, and one can’t help suspecting he regards himself as a pretty remarkable fellow for having done so. I come away from the spot convinced anew that Subarus are exceptionally durable cars, but not-as-convinced that I’d want to join this particular club. –Mark Dolliver