Stress Contest For Employees

Advertising is a stressful business, and being the most stressed-out at an agency is a dubious distinction. Unless, you happen to work at Young & Laramore in Indianapolis.
The agency recently instituted a program in which the employee deemed to be most stressed-out that week is given a free massage from former agency staffer (and current licensed massage therapist) Janie Thomas.
Though the criteria for determining the most-stressed-out employee are “pretty open and loose,” finding the deserving person every week is fairly simple, agency president Paul Knapp said.
“Usually, when someone’s the most-stressed-out employee of the week, it’s not hard to tell,” he said.
Runners-up to the winner don’t have to go home unmassaged. Thomas offers 15 minute sessions every Friday afternoon for only $10. So far, the program has been a huge success, with the sessions booked solid, Knapp said.
“It offers a small bit of relief before the weekend begins,” he said. –Aaron Baar