Stover Builds Single-Serve Brands With BR Ads

Animated chocolate construction workers are used to herald Russell Stover’s entry into the single-serve candy bar arena in a $17 million campaign from Bernstein-Rein.
The workers make their first appearance in a TV spot that breaks nationally July 12 touting the company’s new peanut butter and jelly cups, which are co-branded with Welch’s jelly. In the 15-second spot, the workers roll the cups out of their wrapper and construct oil derricks to mine the jelly inside. The campaign is tagged, “Gushing with flavor.”
“We really wanted to feature that flavor,” said Jeff Bremser, executive creative director with the Kansas City, Mo., agency. “The message is, ‘This is not just a dry jelly. It’s Welch’s.'”
Stover is the nation’s largest boxed chocolate manufacturer, but the peanut butter and jelly cups mark the Kansas City confectioner’s first foray into the single-serve candy bar segment. The company is spending nearly $17 million on marketing for the new item, company officials said.
The workers will reappear in a spot that breaks this fall behind a second single-serve offering, Stover’s Pecan Delights. In that execution, the workers are shown blowing up Stover’s formerly 2-ounce bar into two pieces. The tag for the spot: “Exploding with pecan taste.”
The agency created the chocolate workers as a way to give Stover an identity as it enters the candy bar market, said Brian Berish, the company’s vice president of marketing. Billings for the Pecan Delight campaign were undisclosed, but Berish said they would be in the “multimillions.” –with Michael Beirne