Stories you’ll find in this week’s print edition of Adweek Southeast

Labor of Love
Harris Drury Cohen will introduce Hershey International’s Kisses abroad.

Following the Money
Feds Probe Shady Production Deals
Investigators looking into alleged fraudulent billings practices in the print production community are stirring fears at agencies. Shops are already cooperating with the probe or launching internal audits, lest one of them becomes a poster boy for client fraud.

Smart As A Whip
Tinsley Advertising sasses liquor advertisers’ “sexy women selling alcohol” ploy in launching Camus’ 4U, a cognac-juice drink. The Miami agency’s print ads feature a dominatrix, her bound clientele and the tagline, “4U-Whatever you’re into.”

Building Additions
Azzam Jordan has won the advertising business of Beazer Homes and TK Construction in a review over three other finalists. The client roster of the Towson, Md., agency now includes eight residential builders and developers. Combined billings are $4 million.

Economy Humor
The Richards Group budgets the laughs in its new broadcast blitz for Motel 6, breaking this week. Travelers are put in humorous settings in six 15-second vignettes set for commercial and cable play. Ten of 21 radio spots also begin airing today.

Get The Ice Cream
In Art + Commerce, two views on nesting with comfort food: Jennifer Comiteau on why she’s doing it, and Mike Shine of Butler, Shine & Stern on why people won’t be doing it for long.

Water World
Veryfine has drafted Modernista! to make a splash with its first national campaign, a print push for flavored-water drink Fruit2O.
Lisa van der Pool goes on location at an indoor swimming pool.

Plus: Nissan targets a male subculture with an animated short.
And Barbara Lippert finds nothing new about American Express’ new work.