Stories you’ll find in this week’s print edition of Adweek East

Trade Secrets
Agencies are again buzzing about print production practices as details emerge
of the federal probe of a former Grey executive.

Niche Pitch
Chrysler Rethinks Minority Marketing
Chrysler says it’s set to take a new and improved approach to reaching minority groups. That means, in part, moving away from distinct executions for each market. It also means a review for the $40-50 million account, which the client may consolidate.

Smoke Joke
A TV spot that airs only today promotes
a new brand of cigarettes, Figment, that’s free of harmful substances. “Get addicted to livin’,” declares the announcer. It’s an April Fool’s Day dig at the tobacco industry, courtesy of the American Legacy Foundation.

beverage Leverage
A chance to enter the PepsiCo fold-and get on senior management’s radar-is at stake for the three finalists in SoBe’s review. Pepsi, which bought the New Agey line of teas and energy drinks last year, appears to be making the brand a top priority. Billings are estimated at $10 million.

Spring Zing
Three spots touting Saturn’s spring sales promotion will mark Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ first work for the automaker after snatching the account from Publicis & Hal Riney in February. Goodby’s new tagline is, “It’s different in a Saturn.”

Get The Ice Cream
In Art + Commerce, two views on nesting with comfort food: Jennifer Comiteau on why she’s doing it, and Mike Shine of Butler, Shine & Stern on why people won’t be doing it for long.

Water World
Veryfine has drafted Modernista! to make a splash with its first national campaign, a print push for flavored-water drink Fruit2O.
Lisa van der Pool goes on location at an indoor swimming pool.

Plus: Nissan targets a male subculture with an animated short.
And Barbara Lippert finds nothing new about American Express’ new work.