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Take 2
Gordon Bowen Back on Amex
Co-creator of “Portraits” ads is recruited to craft new campaign.

Car Alarms
Automakers Low-key at Chicago Show
With another difficult year in store for the industry, the Chicago Auto Show was more focused and less flashy than usual. General Motors announced its intentions to target women and minorities, and Mitsubishi unveiled new work breaking from Deutsch/L.A. See page 3.

Credit Ratings
MasterCard is keeping Morgan Anderson busy. The consultancy is conducting a global compensation audit of lead creative agency McCann-Erickson in New York, as well as a review to bolster the client’s interactive roster and another to select a promotions firm.

Systems Analysis
Identities of the 10 agencies that have received an RFP for Cisco Systems’
$50-60 million account have emerged. As early as next week, that group will be cut to 3-5 shops. Cisco is looking for past success with an “integrated international campaign,” as well as technology experience.

Universal Appeal
Laying the groundwork for its new $600 million Sony account, Universal McCann has named Oliver Maletz to direct efforts to unify media for the client’s four North American divisions. The shop is forming groups in New York, L.A. and Canada to oversee each division.

Hershey’s Hunt
A media consolidation is in the cards at Hershey Foods, which spends $175 million annually to promote more than 50 candy brands. A new leadership team is behind the decision.

Agency of The Year
Its biggest client calls Zenith Media “a new vision of what the ideal media buying powerhouse ought to be.” It has a stellar client-services reputation and a standout new-business record, and it’s our Media

Agency of the Year.
Jack Feuer reports.

Plus, a chat with Rino Scanzoni as the veteran buyer gets back to business.