Stone & Ward Goes Beyond Yogurt for Sweet Shops

A man rushing his wife to the maternity ward spots a TCBY store and is torn between familial duty and his craving for a treat. Choosing the greater good, however, does not prevent the father-to-be from trying to sneak an ice cream into the delivery room.

“TCBY. It’s just that tempting” is the tagline for the 30-second spot, Stone & Ward’s first television work for the chain in nearly two years.

How tempting?

A second commercial, part of the Little Rock, Ark., agency’s upcoming test marketing, breaks this week in Denver and Greenville, S.C. It shows a female runner, just a block from winning a marathon, dropping out of the race to sit on a curb and enjoy a frosty treat.

“It’s a misperception that TCBY just serves yogurt,” said S&W creative director Jay Cranford. “It’s really an oasis of delicious frozen treats—ice cream, cakes and pies.”

The target demo for the campaign, expected to expand from the Lifetime network to national cable outlets throughout the summer, is women in their mid-30s, adventurers who “want to feel good” … who are “willing to go out of their way to get what they want.”

Additional TV messages, six radio commercials and an array of in-store displays are in development. All ads are subject to franchisee approval.

One result of TCBY (founded in Little Rock ) being acquired by Salt Lake City-based Mrs. Field’s Famous Brands two years ago has been an expansion of product offerings. TCBY now offers super-premium ice creams that go head-to-head against brands like Baskin-Robbins and Ben & Jerry’s, and a new Fruitheads line of smoothies that are enhanced with vitamin and energy boosters.

The commercials were shot in Little Rock’s River Market district, a location Cranford de-scribed as an “androgynous-looking downtown shopping location.”

Jay Stanley was the copywriter; Tish Christensen and Laura McCabe art directed. Dan Waymack and David Scharf shared directing responsibilities. Production duties were performed by Waymack & Crew and Dempsey Film Group, both in Little Rock.