Sting Joins Bobcats on WWL Roster

ATLANTA Wray Ward Laseter said it has been selected by the Charlotte Sting, without a formal review, to develop advertising, public relations and interactive initiatives.

The Charlotte, N.C., shop will produce advertising to herald the start of the WNBA team’s eighth season, beginning this spring. WWL said it was chosen because of its work for the National Basketball Association’s newest expansion team, the Charlotte Bobcats. Robert Johnson, founder and chief executive officer of Black Entertainment Television, owns both franchises.

Jennifer Appleby, president and chief creative officer at WWL, said the goal of the new campaign would be to present Charlotte Sting games as one of the best sources of family entertainment.

“We’re looking forward to identifying creative marketing solutions to help make the WNBA Charlotte Sting the summer-time destination for first-class athletic competition and fun,” Appleby said.

Both the Sting and Bobcats share the same corporate office and work together on community outreach programs. The Sting recently unveiled a new logo design in orange, black, blue and silver, the same colors of the Bobcats logo, the shop said.

Billings were not disclosed.