Still Spring

According to analysts at New York-based Jupiter Media Metrix, the e-commerce blush may be off the Internet rose, but the rose is still blooming.

JMM reported that despite industry skepticism, e-retail is still a growing business. Moreover, analysts forecast that by 2002, 52 percent of the Web population will be purchasing products online — a 12 percent increase over the year 2000. “The doom and gloom over the state of online retailing has been greatly exaggerated,” said Heather Dougherty, a Jupiter analyst, in a news release. “While short-term market factors have slowed the pace and shifted the playing field toward multichannel retailers, the long-term outlook is still positive.”–Sid Ross

Data Points
–63 percent of the Web population is expected to make retail purchases online by 2006.

–According to a March 2001 Jupiter Consumer survey, most users are not shy when it comes to submitting personal information to online retailers. 70 percent of buyers online register to receive e-mail about products or offers.

–According to a March 2001 Jupiter Consumer survey, users are not resistant to overtures from e-marketers; 85 percent say they are “very or somewhat more likely” to go back to a site after receiving e-mail from a retailer.

Source: Jupiter Media Metrix