Sprite Spots Get Animated

Chicago-based Burrell Communications uses a mix of animation and live-action footage of hip-hop stars in a new campaign aimed at drawing a youthful, ethnically diverse crowd to Coca-Cola’s Sprite.
Burrell’s work, tied in with an animated series called Voltron: Defender of the Universe, will run into next year on networks aimed at urban teens including BET, The WB, Fox and MTV.
Burrell’s TV spots (shown here), which break this week, will run in serial fashion through Nov. 8. Five ads feature the space-age robot Voltron guided by different hip-hop artists who defend the Earth from the evil King Zarkon. The musicians are associated with different geographic regions of the U.S.– Fat Joe from New York and Mack 10 of Los Angeles, among them.
Burrell in Chicago handles Sprite work for African-American audiences. Sprite’s lead agency, Lowe & Partners/SMS in New York, will continue to produce ads that will run alongside Burrell’s campaign, a Coca-Cola representative said.
Both campaigns use the tagline, “Obey your thirst.”
–Trevor Jensen