Sprint Doubles (and Triples) Our Pleasure

NEW YORK Everyone can use an extra hand now and then, and this new Sprint spot for the Palm Centro by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners shows just how advantageous such a set-up can be. An employee at the Sprint Design Center introduces viewers to the new phone with a tender, friendly voice: “Life is busy, but some seem to get more done than others.” The spot then cuts to street life, and the visuals carry the rest. A man in a suit and tie waiting on a train platform is flanked by smaller versions of himself, mini-men who each take on different tasks. One reads a newspaper and another works on a laptop while the man checks the platform for the train. These are the multitaskers who have found ways to do many things at once. The spot provides more visual examples and ends with the affable designer, who notes that Sprint speed will help you get so much done, “People may wonder just how many of you there really are.” This he says as he’s surrounded by three smaller versions himself, and one punctuates that statement with a laugh. The idea of multitasking is so overused in ads for these types of products, but this visual solution paints a charming picture of what it would be like to have an “army of me.”