The Spot: Heart of Darkness

CPR makes you undead in this gruesome zombie PSA for Halloween

IDEA: Zombies crave braaaains, but they're also fond of heaaaarts. Your heart keeps you alive, after all, and zombies need you alive to devour you. So, it stands to reason zombies know CPR—to resuscitate heart-attack victims and not let that good food go to waste. That's the amusing premise behind this tense and gory PSA for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. Advertising is soaked in zombie blood already, but given the target (young people) and the timing (Halloween), Agency59 couldn't resist. It got cult horror auteur Vincenzo Natali on board. The Canadian director turned in a mini masterpiece—a ferocious three-minute spot that packs in great special effects, an entertaining twist and even a short CPR demo. Eat your heart out, America!