The Spot: Candy Machine

Fallon introduces Cadbury's Twirl Bites with a visual treat: a giant, spinning whirligig full of whimsical worlds

GENESIS: To introduce its new Twirl Bites candy, Cadbury wanted an uplifting and magical TV spot that would bring the joy of twirling to life. Fallon had the ambitious idea of creating an immense whirligig made of fans, gears, propellers, and little spinning worlds all interconnecting, rotating joyously, and exploding with pyrotechnics at the end. The creatives considered CGI, but decided it should be built from scratch, and its gleeful movements captured in camera. "When you create something for real, the imperfections are what make it charming," says art director Rick Gayton. And imperfections they got. The finished spot—the Twirl brand's first TV ad in 15 years—is grand, infectious, and an impressive feat of engineering. But very little went as planned in the production.