Could there be guys out there so immersed in sports programming that they don’t notice a host of wild things happening to them as they watch TV?

Well, one fellow is exactly like that in a new campaign for SPORTV, a pull-out section that ap pears every Sunday in the New York Daily News. The effort includes three 30-second spots, by Korey Kay & Partners, New York, which show the guy watching sports at home as he reads SPORTV.

“A perfect world would have nothing but sports television,” says the voice over. “Nothing. Just you, a TV, some corn chips, beverages, and if you insist, a bedpan.” And SPORTV, he notes, describing it—a guide to TV sports programming that includes columns and listings.

“Yes, the world is not yet perfect,” says the voiceover. “There is still the occasional intrusion.” This “intrusion,” in one spot, takes the form of the guy’s wife, who, clad only in a shirt, flashes him. He pushes her gently away to watch TV. In another ad, plaster falls on his head from the ceiling.

The tagline: “What’s goin’ on.”

The spots aim to “[get] into the head of a sports fanatic,” said shop chairman Allen Kay. “To them, the world is sports, and nothing else matters.”

The work broke this month and is running during sports programs in the New York area.