Spark/KJS’ Favorite Son

Is the presumptive favorite for the Republican presidential nod in 2000, Texas Gov. George W. Bush can lay claim to a bandwagon. The latest to jump on board is San Antonio-based Hispanic ad agency Spark/KJS, which fronted a $4 million Spanish-language ad campaign for Bush’s Nov. 3 re-election effort.
The shop is ready to capitalize on its prize client. In a self-promotional mailer sent out last week to about 150 corporate executives, a full-page photograph of the former president’s son (shown here) is paired with a succinct message: “If you have high ambitions, hire us.
He did.”
According to various polling estimates gathered by agency president Kathy Sosa, Bush captured 49-52 percent of the Hispanic vote–an unprecedented performance for a Republican in a statewide race–in his landslide victory over Democrat Garry Mauro (68 percent to 31 percent).
Sosa said the shop hopes to be on Bush’s team if he decides to seek the presidency. “We want to be there next time, too,” she said. –Glen Fest