South Asians in U.S. Prefer Web

NEW YORK Advertisers seeking to reach America’s South Asian population (those with roots in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka and Bhutan) need look no further than the Internet, according to a survey by Global Advertising Strategies.

Despite the fact that on average the South-Asian American consumer spends twice as much money on cable and satellite television, this tech-savvy group has expressed a strong interest in online content from the channels they pay for (like Zee-TV and HBO).

According to the study, 58 percent of survey participants said they like viewing South Asian programs online. Additionally, 55 percent of respondents said their entire media preference is through the Internet over any other source. Thirty-two percent selected television while only 13 percent picked print media as their first choice.

“Advertisers can take note of the strong online presence, and find potential strategic options in the fact that some 77 percent report that this market segment reads both American and South Asian media outlets online,” said the study.

Global Advertising Strategies concluded that companies targeting this segment must remember to focus on the strong cultural attachment and traditional value system of the South Asian American community. The company also found that products and brands that seem unnecessary for the first-generation family members may be better served being targeted to the younger, “more Americanized” South Asians.

The findings highlighted that South Asian Americans use “common sense” and “practicality” when making purchases, where emotions do not typically play a part in their purchasing decisions.

Global Advertising Strategies, a multicultural ad firm, focuses its efforts on the South Asian, Asian and Western, Central and Eastern European communities. It based its findings through questionnaires that were sent at random and through a selection process in concentrated communities.