Soup to Nuts at The Andys

While not initially apparent, this year’s Andy Awards had a theme: Do it quickly!

The prevailing ethos seemed to suggest that cocktails should last longer than the awards show proper. Host and honor ary Andys chairman John Hegarty of Bartle Bogle Hegarty kept the official proceedings at a lively pace, with the winners picking up their awards only after all had been announced. For the most part, Hegarty and the presenters—including Tony Granger of Bozell and Matt Freeman of Tribal DDB—held tightly to the script.

Afterward, Shoptalk found Hegarty to be slightly more improvisational, especially concerning the Grandy winner—a spot from Leo Burnett in London for Heinz Microwave able Soup. The ad, titled “Quick,” features a bemused woman leaving her newly sleeping bedmate to retrieve a bowl of Heinz soup that has been prepared in the microwave—in just two minutes. “Bad sex makes for great advertising,” Hegarty quipped.

The other 300 attendees at the event—held at The World, a club underneath the WWF store in Times Square—seemed happy to get back to more important matters. Standing with a pint of beer, one 24-year-old in a blue tie (who declined to say who he was or where he worked) was asked what the term “Andys” actually refers to. He thought for a moment before answering, “I think it’s a Latin term mean ing ‘open bar.’ ”

Congratulations to all the winners. Drink up!