Sony Spot Brings HD Into Bright Focus

NEW YORK It’s holiday gift-giving season and if a new digital camera is on your shopping list, Sony hopes the high-definition output of its camera will lead you to the Cybershot. A new spot from 180 in Los Angeles uses a catchy tune and visual props to clearly connect the HD viewing experience between its camera and TV products. With lyrics that prod “take another picture with your click, click camera,” the spot opens with a wedding scene. As a guest snaps a picture of the bride and groom, a large-screen HDTV materializes in the walkway. A snapshot of a group of friends having dinner at a restaurant produces a TV on the table, and the parents’ picture taking at a grammar school play produces a handful of TV sets on stage. Cutting to a living room scene with a family viewing the play pictures on TV, the voiceover explains that the Cybershot camera offers high-definition output, “watch your photos like you watch your favorite TV shows, in high definition.” The literal interpretation of TVs popping up when pictures are taken may be an obvious creative solution, but the cheery track and the visual device are memorable enough to keep Sony’s message top of mind.