Some Sites Temporarily Suspend Ads

NEW YORK A small number of online publishers have stopped running paid ads on certain sections of their sites as they react to consumers’ sensitivity to the onset of war with Iraq.

AOL Time Warner lifted advertising starting Thursday at midnight from AOL’s welcome screen and news pages, as well as from and, a representative from the New York-based media giant said.

“In light of the current events, it seemed appropriate to suspend advertising for a period of time,” the representative said, adding that the ad suspension will last for 48 hours., meanwhile, continues to run ads, except on the front page of a special section covering the war in Iraq, said a representative from the online news site. Within that section, standard ad units will replace rich-media formats, like Eyeblasters or floating ads.

A “handful” of marketers have requested that the Web properties hold their ads during the initial days of the war. Representatives declined to name the advertisers.

Yahoo also is not running ads on a special news section dedicated to the war, a representative from the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Web portal said.