Solidarity Forever

As the Screen Actors Guild strike drags on, Los Angeles ad agencies are being regularly targeted by demonstrators who often spend the day clanging metal plates and shouting slogans in order to call attention to their plight.

Some of those picketing are not strikers but actually wannabe union members eager to curry favor with SAG.

“We’re offering membership to those who spend 80 hours or more as volunteer demonstrators,” explained organizer Doug Traer as he paused to sign a protest time card outside Grey Advertising, Los Angeles, last week.

Traer said the union was hoping to turn up the heat on Grey and other agencies. He said demonstrators have had water and coffee grounds dumped on their heads during previous rallies.

When asked about the charges, a top official at the agency cited a companywide policy against commenting on the strike but added, “I can’t see how anyone could do that. The windows don’t even open.”