If Diet Rite reminds you of leg warmers, aerobics and the jingle, “Everybody’s gotta Diet Rite,” Royal Crown wants to change your tune.
The White Plains, N.Y., beverage company is launching a print campaign, via The Blum Group, New York, that positions Diet Rite as the better-for-you diet pop.
Ads show the imaginary magazines Active Life, Staying Fit and Sugar Free, with such headlines as “How to cut out aspartame” and “The sodium-free way to eating right.”
The campaign, which is slated to break in March issues of Modern Maturity and People, among others, promotes Diet Rite’s new, non-aspartame sweeteners Splenda and Ace-K.
“There are people who have, whether real or perceived, some significant problems with aspartame, [such as] headaches or nausea,” said client marketing svp Jeffrey Spencer.
Blum Group president Alan Blum, who helped create Diet Rite’s “Feel all right” tag in 1998, added that the new creative is “a back-handed way to communicate very rational brand attributes that are not interesting in any way.”
–Emily Fromm