Soap Footwear Calls On Gypsies

By Kathy Tyrer

LOS ANGELES–Band of Gypsies has landed creative duties for a start-up shoe company, without a review.

The freelance creative boutique headed by John Stein will handle print and collateral advertising for Soap Footwear Corp., El Segundo, Calif. This fall, the client plans to introduce nationally a sneaker designed for skateboarders, snowboarders and in-line skaters.

‘We wanted someone small, a boutique, since we don’t have a big budget,’ explained Soap president Chris Morris, a former Rollerblade executive. ‘We wanted someone to drink the Kool-Aid with us and who understood the market, which (Stein) does through his son.’

Soap plans to launch its sneaker in specialty stores and increase distribution to general sporting goods stores.

The sneaker’s design combines a skateboard-style look with a removable plate that allows wearers to ‘grind’ on a surface. ‘Grinding’ refers to the act of sliding across a corner or handrail while on a skateboard, a snowboard or skates.

Band of Gypsies, Pacific Palisades, Calif., also creates Hardee’s advertising with The Pearlstein Group.

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