Snowden Tatarski Gets Reily Mayo, Coffee

ATLANTA Reily Foods has hired Snowden Tatarski to provide advertising for two of the company’s most popular products, the shop said.

Several agencies, including the incumbent, Havas’ Arnold of New York, competed for the New Orleans-based account.

ST, an independent shop in Athens, Ga., will produce television, radio, print and outdoor ads for Reily’s Blue Plate Mayonnaise and JFG Coffee. All the advertising will run regionally throughout the Southeast, where the food products are most popular.

The first work is being produced now and should be appearing within 10 weeks, the agency said. Billings on the account was not disclosed.

“As true Southerners, the partners of Snowden Tatarski understand what motivates customers to buy unique products like Blue Plate and JFG,” said Jeff Snowden, creative director.

ST opened in 2000 as a partnership between childhood friends Snowden and Richard Tatarski. The shop billed $2.5 million last year with clients including local government agencies, restaurants, banks and real estate companies.

Reily Foods makes a variety of products including Luzianne tea and several varieties of soups, sauces, dressings and desserts. The 100-year-old, privately held company relocated its headquarters to a manufacturing facility in Knoxville, Tenn., after Hurricane Katrina. Company executives said they plan to return to New Orleans as soon as conditions allow.