Snow Business Like Schwarzenegger Business

NEW YORK — When Sun Valley Ski Resort decided to rename one of its downhill slopes in honor of Hollywood star and part-time local resident Arnold Schwarzenegger they could have called it “The Terminator,” “Eraser,” or even Mr. Freeze, the character he played in “Batman and Robin.”

Instead, the central Idaho-based skiing celebrity magnet, which opens its lifts for the season on Friday, chose “Arnold’s Run.” Though certainly less heroic than the other options, Schwarzenegger should be glad they just didn’t add his name to the slope’s prior I.D., which would have made it “Schwarzenegger’s Flying Maiden.”

“Why [the owners] didn’t call it ‘The Terminator,’ I don’t know,” said Sun Valley marketing director Jack Sibbach. “People may forget who Arnold is one of these days, but they’ll always know ‘The Terminator.'”

Schwarzenegger, who owns a home in the area, is expected to inaugurate the slope this Christmas Eve when he leads a torchlight parade down the mountain, as he has done for the past few years. Sun Valley previously has named runs after Winter Olympic medal winners Gretchen Fraser, Christin Cooper and Picabo Street. However, there certainly is no denying the marketability of re-christening the slope in the image of Schwarzenegger. In TV and print ads, Sun Valley now can have people say, “I skied Arnold’s Run…and I’ll be back!”

-Barry Janoff