Snakes Alive

Creatives at Sullivan Higdon & Sink are hoping their new outdoor campaign for Exotic Pets in Goddard, Kan., garners as much attention as the previous effort.

“The last time their sales really spiked prior to us doing this work was one time when some of their animals escaped,” recalled Scott Flemming, art director for the outdoor effort.

Billboards go up this week and hope to have the locals talking about Exotic Pets again. “You won’t go blind stroking this one,” reads one headline, next to a rendering of a lizard.

“Why yes, that is a snake in my pocket,” reads another.

“People forget they have the option of going out and buying a 60-foot albino python,” said Steve Hobson, copywriter at the Witchita, Kan.-based shop.

The small pet store, now under new ownership, was looking for ways to drum up interest on the cheap and decided shock value was the way to go.

“The idea was to generate more of a buzz, even for people who aren’t interested in an exotic pet of their own,” said Christian Baumer, an account executive and cat owner. “We wanted them to talk about it.