Smoke: The Sequel

Asher & Partners continues its award-winning anti-tobacco campaign for the California Department of Health Services with two new outdoor billboards.
The boards, which begin going up around the state today, play off previous ads created by the Los Angeles shop.
The first is a continuation of last year’s “Bob” billboard, in which one cowboy confided to another, “Bob, I’ve got emphysema.” In the new ad, one of the cowboys says, “I miss my lung, Bob.”
The other new board follows the “Mind if I smoke? Care if I die?” ad from last year, which featured an elegantly dressed couple. This time a man, smoking a cigarette, tells a woman: “Your scent is intoxicating…” She responds: “Yours is carcinogenic.”
A TV spot that broke last week stars a bartender defending the new state law that bans smoking in bars. –Teresa Buyikian