Smoke that cigarette

Smoking is a requirement at All Smoke High, where students puff away in class and in the hallways and pretty regularly turn up with emphysema and lung cancer.

That’s the fantastical scenario behind an anti-tobacco spot that may be the last gasp from Arian, Lowe & Travis, which laid off all but a few of its workers earlier this year.

The spots are running in Rockford, Ill., where they were shot at a local high school said copywriter Greg Christensen. Actors and student extras used jasmine cigarettes to portray a school where everyone smokes, everyone has yellow teeth, and the principal talks through a voicebox. One boy is brought to detention because he was caught not smoking in the boy’s room. A hacking coach exhorts his sickly team to compete despite the loss of a teammate to a tobacco-related illness.

“They see how absurd using tobacco can be,” Christensen said. “You want something kids are going to remember.”

The Illinois Department of Public Health selected the spots after seeing kids’ reaction to them, Christensen said. While finding it funny, “The kids latched on to the health (issues),” he said.