Smash Mixes Content, Commerce

BOSTON The Wright Challenge, a two-hour documentary dealing with the efforts of contemporary teams attempting to re-create the Wright Brothers’ triumph of powered flight, airs Tuesday on The History Channel. The show was developed and produced by the entertainment unit of Boston-based independent Smash Advertising.

“Advertising and programming are coming together and we couldn’t be more pleased to be doing both,” said Mark Tomizawa, president of Smash.

The History Channel, also an agency ad client, commissioned the show to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight on Dec. 17, 1903. Rick Beyer wrote, directed and produced the show; Jacqueline Sheridan served as co-producer.

Smash’s previous productions include 12 episodes of Meet the Royals, which airs Sunday nights on A&E.

As for why crafting content is important for agencies, “Consumers are in control as TiVO and PVRs and VOD go into more and more homes. Understanding what they want … and how to merge it seamlessly, and positively, with what a network stands for or what an advertiser has to offer is the key to creating persuasion that drives product sales and network ratings,” Tomizawa said.