Sky’s the Limit for Bombardier

Despite the grown-up price of $5 million or more for a corporate jet, KSV’s latest campaign for Bombardier Capital makes an appeal to the kid inside chief executives who dream of owning their own plane.
One print execution uses the headline, “If it’s on your mind, we can get it off the ground.” The visual: an airplane drawn on a steamed-up bathroom mirror.
Another ad shows a toy plane built out of a pen, letter opener and paper clips. Copy reads: “Stop daydreaming and start flying. With Bombardier Capital, you’ll get quick turnaround on your financing. Which means you’ll be in the air sooner. And that’s a dream come true.”
The Burlington, Vt.-based division of Bombardier of Montreal, which manufactures Learjet, is looking to let executives know that they can either buy a plane through them or finance the purchase of another company’s aircraft.
The creative strategy was set after staffers at the Burlington-based agency interviewed airplane-owning executives and discovered that they share a passion for the brightest and fastest jets on the market, said KSV creative director Yoram Samets. Bill Drew wrote the copy, Erich Stefanovich handled art direction and Colin Cooke was the photographer.
The six-figure campaign, breaking this month in specialty magazines such as A/C Flyer, will run through the end of year.